Drama/Book adaptation, Germany 2000

It is the summer of 1932, and soon nothing will ever be the same again. Kurt is a pugnacious publisher and ironic author and, thanks to his risqué chanson lyrics, a celebrated star. In a seemingly endless summer he travels to the castle of Gripsholm with his girlfriend Lydia. Two of their friends, the seductive vaudeville singer Billie and the passionate flyboy Karlchen, join the lovers in Sweden for a while to spend their vacation - causing erotic turbulences. During his vacation, Kurt is pursued by legal action initiated by the army of the German Reich: in one of his articles he had made the statement that "all soldiers are murderers" - a statement that is still highly controversial. Kurt sees the brownshirts looming on the horizon and decides not to return to Germany. Tucholsky once wrote: "You often think that love is stronger than time, but time is always stronger than love." This is what the four summer guests Kurt, Lydia, Karlchen, and Billie have to admit to themselves at the end of their sensual and boisterous, melancholic and bitter journey to the North.
98 min
FSK 12
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Xavier Koller


Kurt Tucholsky (Narration)


Kol Simcha


Ulrich Limmer


Ulrich Noethen (Kurt)

Heike Makatsch (Princess)

Jasmin Tabatabai (Billie)

Inger Nilsson (Mrs. Andersson)

Marcus Thomas (Karlchen)

Horst Krause (Consul General)

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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